Chris Del Degan

Wondermatter is inquisitive, uncommon, and Canadian-polite.

We are devoted to building the brands of entrepreneurs and startups who also believe that goodness and betterment of the world are as essential as profitability. We envision a world where entrepreneurs shape culture and create meaningful change.

We understand the world of entrepreneurs, because it is our world as well. We know the challenges a start-up faces, and the dizzying complexities entrepreneurs are required to navigate – often on their own.

It is Wondermatter’s mission to build powerful brands that foster and inculcate goodness on our planet, while making the lives of these entrepreneurs easier so they can do what they do best: run their businesses with clarity and resonance.


Time is not money

You and your brand are worth more than the number of hours in a day. An optimized brand works for you while you sleep. Yes, you do need to sleep.

Good work is good life

As an entrepreneur, you know there is little distinction between work and life. We help find ways to make the process the pleasure.

We have everything we need

All of the components are at the disposal of the entrepreneur to build a meaningful, powerful brand; it is a matter of choosing a team you trust to extract and communicate it. Wondermatter expertly extracts your strengths and refines your mission – elements already at the heart of your business.