Note, the below instructions are specifically for adding a new Blog post.

If you want to add more Works you do a similar thing but instead of clicking Posts > Add New, you click Works > Add New

Posts are just for blog/news entries and Works are for your portfolio work.  

For Works posts you will build the page by adding Modules, which can be dragged and dropped into any order. You can use the example Work posts we’ve created as a reference.


1. Log In

2. Click Posts > Add New

3. Give your post a Title

4. Select a Category or Categories for your post, or Add a New Category if the one you’d like doesn’t exist.

5. Upload a Featured image by clicking Set Featured Image from the bottom right module. This image will be used for the thumbnail and header image for your blog post. We’ve been using images at 72ppi and ~1600px x ~800px and no more than 900kb in size.

6. Add your content in the main Content field on the left. 

This is the body of your blog post and will contain all the text, quotes, and any other inline images.

To add an inline image:

6.1 position your cursor in the text where you’d like the image to appear

6.2 click the Add Media button

6.3 Upload your image

6.4 Add a caption (if you’d like a caption to appear under the image)

6.5 In the Link to field select: none (you don’t want users clicking the blog post image and being taken away from your site)

6.5 Select the size you’d like to place (we recommend large)

6.6 Click Insert into Post

To add specific styles to the text:

Switch to the Visual tab (top right of the content field)

Quote: Select the text you’d like to be a Pull quote and click the “double quotes” Blockquote button

Sidebar Note: Select the text you’d like to be a note and select Heading 6 from the Styles dropdown.

Refer to this post for a complete overview of all the available text styles in use.

7. Add an Excerpt in the Excerpt field. (This controls the text snippet in the news module, on the homepage for example, and should be no more than 140 characters). 

8. Click Save Draft to save your changes (until you are ready to publish)

To preview your draft click the View Post button (found under the post title field).

9. Click Publish when you are ready to make it live!

To add a module of other blog posts at the end of the post click the Add Row button (in the Modules section above the main content field). Select News Block Small. Select the posts you’d like to recommend the user read next.