Jen Toole and

February 22, 2015

Jen Toole is a photographer with a perpetually sharp eye and a propensity for pushing the boundaries of the politically correct. Jen can be found creating works ranging from jaw-dropping boudoir shoots, to editorial shots for Alexander Wang, to full-blown fetish shoots for leather goods purveyor Northbound Leather. Wondermatter had the pleasure of crafting Jenn’s professional identity, designed to highlight the interplay between camera lens and ocular lens, as the tool the guides her art is always investigating, seeing what others cannot.





Most recently, the internet has been abuzz with – behind the lens, she and actor Caitlin Stasey have created a site designed to restore solidarity among women, artworks in the form of interviews of woman, gathered worldwide.

(please ensure that you are in a nipple-friendly environment when viewing Jen’s stunning images)

In a quote from;

“Herself is a gesture to women for women by women… that maybe we as women will take comfort in the triumphs of others rather than revelling in each other’s defeats. Let us reclaim our bodies. Let us take them back from those who seek to profit from our insecurity.” -Caitlin Stasey


Screen grab from, photo by Jennifer Toole.


For a beautifully comprehensive listing of press, see Jen’s own blog, here;


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