Crave Fishbar NYC

January 23, 2015

Crave Fishbar NYC offers a limitless supply of sustainable, creative seafood genius.

Their Midtown NYC location is a cozy yet glamorous retreat with a local following and an incredible dining experience. We are thrilled to have refreshed all brand systems to showcase their vibrant, innovative dishes and enhance the exploratory nature of their dining experience.

We’ve also created a brand that can beautifully scale, as Crave has expanded to the Upper West Side and continues to grow. Wondermatter continues to manage the Crave brand, including all design for their monthly newsletter, advertising and social media efforts.
And seriously, next time you find yourself in Midtown NYC, go get the Lobster Curry.


“Wondermatter put our needs as the top priority which was our initial fear when hiring a branding/design firm. Their attention to detail and perception of our business and philosophy shows in our new branding. They are efficient, professional, and wonderfully accommodating. Our sales are up since rebranding, our guests love the story behind it, and we now feel so confident as a brand as we plan for Crave’s two future locations.”

Brian Owens,
Crave Fishbar