Edward Pond’s Creative Chef

January 10, 2015

Edward Pond is a very tall food photographer who was looking for a promotional piece that would attract the attention of the city’s best creative professionals.

The traditional route of sending a glossy postcard to every art director in Canada was not his style. Instead Edward Pond’s Creative Chef was born: a kitchen showdown for the most culinarily inclined Creative Directors in the country. With a room full of the very people he wanted to showcase his work to, Edward gained access to the creative community in a completely new way, and it worked.

Shout out to Kammy Ahuja, Dave Watson, and Jacob Greer for this one.

The creative brief, designed to introduce the secret ingredient.
The EPCC awards annual cover, dispersed at the Art Director's Club of Canada Award Show.
An inside spread, highlighting the 1st place prizewinner.
The tickets for the main event, held at Mildred's Temple Kitchen.
A poster for the event featuring the Creatives up for battle.
The invitation arrived in the form of a chocolate bar, delivered to Creatives across the country.

Look at Edward’s work! Ask him to photograph something for you too!