May 18, 2016

Propelling tea innovators in a highly saturated cafe market.

In the infancy of developing a completely new kind of tea shop, Plentea’s founders contacted Wondermatter on the recommendation of the creative Stephen Fong Architect. Impassioned with a concept, and a location in vibrant Parkdale, Plentea needed a brand that would help position them to stand out in the conventional tea-market and saturated cafe market. The brand strategy and design system also allows Plentea to clarify the uniqueness of their tea approach and desire to encourage each visitor to embrace tea as a catalyst for personal growth.
The teas are grouped by their metamorphic properties, highlighting the numerous benefits of each choice. Our wall graphic transforms the mood of the space, with moths springing lifelike off the wall, atop an image of old Parkdale – showing the very spot that Plentea sits in today, and revealing a dynamic, ever-shifting neighbourhood that Plentea is fiercely proud to be a part of. Try our favourite, the Thai Dragon, and make new patterns!

“We knew we had a strong business idea and lots of passion, but we required a solid brand to hold it all together. Our values, mission and style are key components to Plentea, and we wanted to communicate them to the neighbourhood: Wondermatter helped our vision come to life, and every day we receive compliments on the design, and the very work we love to do.”

– Tariq & Mohammed
Co-Founders of Plentea
Parkdale's bridge, visible right outside Plentea's window - then and now and future.
Our sleeve designs rotate through 3 colours, reflecting choice and change.
Business cards, fit for classic, stylish connoisseurs
Logo in beautiful window vinyl, and the hustle of this prime spot on Queen St.
Plentea is the perfect spot to host workshops and meetings!
Inspired to try something new, with every sip.

Immediately following Plentea’s opening, the response was overwhelmingly positive, with a groundswell of glowing reviews, highly engaged fans on social media, and a ton of perfectly caffeinated and satiated customers.