The Woods

May 21, 2015

The Woods finds their true calling within their mission:
Treading Lightly, Sharing Warmly.

When Jack and Debbie acquired their dream campground, they brought with them a beautiful vision, but faced a tough challenge of overcoming the previous managements’ numerous bad reviews. A complete rebrand of the park provided the perfect opportunity to isolate their business goals and communicate to exactly the kind of guests they want to share their experience with.

Starting from ground zero, Wondermatter dug deep into the outdoor recreation world in order to establish The Woods as an industry leader and destination for campers in Southern Ontario. We built a brand based on passion, the rejuvenating quality of nature and true Canadian generosity, and helped bring The Woods’ mission to the forefront over everything Jack and Debbie do at the park.

With the brand’s character, tone of voice, positioning, key audience and mission strongly defined, we developed a visual system that speaks to honouring nature, the warmth of community and the adventurous spirit of sleeping under the stars.

“We have had people go out of their way to phone us, and let us know that our brochure, signage and website are setting a new standard for the industry. We now know exactly what to share with our many new guests thanks to Wondermatter’s comprehensive work.”

Debbie Smith
Co-Owner of the Woods
New cards!
A postcard to share with guests and at town-wide attractions.
A lovely feature - freshly chopped firewood delivered right to your campsite.
Site map, featuring The Woods' private motor-free lake.
The big and beautiful roadside sign at the entrance to The Woods.
Detail of entry signage.
First round of print pieces, including coffee/tea cup & stamp.
More Brochure.
Even more brochure.

In addition to creating the brand and visual system for The Woods, Wondermatter is responsible for the entirety of The Woods website including all photography. It was a pleasure to shoot!